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+net-xml-generator - A Pretty Printing XML Generator for Common Lisp
+Table of contents
+ * Description
+ * Author
+ * Author comments
+ * Documentation
+ * Platforms
+ * Dependencies
+ * Installation
+ * Configuration
+ * Licence
+ * Notes
+ * Examples
+ * Franz Inc. Open Source Info
+This module consists of a single source file
+It provides a modified readtable that allows normal Lisp source code
+to contain possibly-nested marked subforms that emit an XML element.
+The tree that is Lisp source code integrates transparently with the
+tree that is the intended XML, and the entire panoply of Lisp
+operators (iteration, special forms, function calls) can be mixed with
+XML generation. The Lisp code that emits XML has a structure
+paralleling the XML.
+The Common Lisp pretty printer is optionally used to indent the
+emitted XML for human readability. See the file
+xml-generator-blurb.html distributed along with this module for a
+gentle introduction, and which shows how that
+html file was itself generated using the module.
+Steven Haflich, Franz Inc.
+Author comments
+All Allegro Common Lisp versions. It mostly should work on other
+implementations, but uses the ACL named-readtable facility (which
+could trivially be added to any other implementation) and more
+importantly may depend on subtle details of the pretty printer.
+Allegro Common Lisp
+The Allegro Common Lisp excl:named-readtable facility.
+Start your lisp and compile and load which is
+part of this project:
+ (load (compile-file "/path/to/your/")
+To test,
+ (load "/path/to/your/")
+ (generate-this-page :out-path "./xml-generator-blurb-copy.html" )
+and that named file will be generated which should be an exact copy of
+No configuration is necessary, but see the documentation in the source
+file how to use the customized readtable in your Lisp code.
+The full documentation is contained in block comments in the source file itself.
+The net-xml-generator source code is licensed under the terms of the
+[Lisp Lesser GNU Public License](,
+known as the LLGPL. The LLGPL consists of a preamble and the
+LGPL. Where these conflict, the preamble takes precedence. This
+project is referenced in the preamble as the LIBRARY.
+An earlier version of this code was first released as part of the Ray
+Tracing example in the Franz Inc Dynamic Learning Center.
+Examples and Information
+The is an odd, self-referential example of Lisp
+code using the generator.
+Franz Open Source Info
+This project's homepage is <>. There is an
+informal community support and development mailing list
+for these open source projects. We encourage you to take advantage by
+subscribing to the list. Once you're subscribed, email to
+<> with your questions, comments, suggestions,
+and patches.
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