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; $Id: nfs.nsi,v 1.19 2007/05/08 14:12:48 dancy Exp $
;; Disable compression when developing (severely speeds up the debug
;; cycle)
;;SetCompress off
SetCompressor /SOLID lzma
!include WinMessages.nsh
!include servicelib.nsh
; Author: Lilla ( 2003-06-13
; function IsUserAdmin uses plugin \NSIS\PlusgIns\UserInfo.dll
; This function is based upon code in \NSIS\Contrib\UserInfo\UserInfo.nsi
; This function was tested under NSIS 2 beta 4 (latest CVS as of this writing).
; Usage:
; Call IsUserAdmin
; Pop $R0 ; at this point $R0 is "true" or "false"
Function IsUserAdmin
Push $R0
Push $R1
Push $R2
IfErrors Win9x
Pop $R1
Pop $R2
StrCmp $R2 "Admin" 0 Continue
; Observation: I get here when running Win98SE. (Lilla)
; The functions UserInfo.dll looks for are there on Win98 too,
; but just don't work. So UserInfo.dll, knowing that admin isn't required
; on Win98, returns admin anyway. (per kichik)
StrCpy $R0 "true"
Goto Done
; You should still check for an empty string because the functions
; UserInfo.dll looks for may not be present on Windows 95. (per kichik)
StrCmp $R2 "" Win9x
StrCpy $R0 "false"
Goto Done
; we don't work on win9x...
StrCpy $R0 "false"
Pop $R2
Pop $R1
Exch $R0
!macro StopAndDeleteService UN
Function ${UN}StopAndDeleteService
Push running
Push nfs
Push ""
Call ${UN}Service
Pop $0 ;response
StrCmp $0 "true" 0 ServiceStopped
; Not using servicelib.nsh to stop the service because it
; does not wait until the service is fully stopped.
;Push "stop"
;Push "nfs"
;Push ""
;Call Service
;Pop $0 ;response
DetailPrint "Stopping NFS service..."
ExecWait '"$WINDIR\system32\net.exe" stop nfs'
;; now delete
DetailPrint "Removing NFS service..."
Push delete
Push nfs
Push ""
Call ${UN}Service
Pop $0 ;response
;; Allow time for console's to exit, etc.
Sleep 5000
!insertmacro StopAndDeleteService ""
!insertmacro StopAndDeleteService un.
;; Not used anymore, but leaving the code here for
;; educational purposes.
!macro StopConsole UN
Function ${UN}StopConsole
;; This probably won't work for consoles running in other
;; windows stations/desktops.
FindWindow $0 "" "Allegro NFS Console"
IsWindow $0 0 NoMoreConsoles
DetailPrint "Terminating Allegro NFS Console..."
SendMessage $0 ${WM_CLOSE} 1 0
Sleep 3000 ;; Allow time for it to die
Goto FindWindowLoop
!insertmacro StopConsole ""
!insertmacro StopConsole un.
!define REGKEY "Software\Franz Inc.\Allegro NFS ${VERSION}"
!define VERBOSE_PROD "Allegro NFS ${VERSION} Server for Windows"
!define SHORT_PROD "Allegro NFS ${VERSION}"
; for DEP workaround
!define APPCOMPATLAYERS "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers"
; The installer program that will be created
OutFile "dists\setup-nfs-${VERSION2}.exe"
; The default installation directory
InstallDir "c:\AllegroNFS"
; Registry key to check for directory (so if you install again, it will
; overwrite the old one automatically)
InstallDirRegKey HKLM "${REGKEY}" "Install_Dir"
!ifdef NFSDEMO
LicenseData license-demo.txt
LicenseData license-paid.txt
; IsWin9x
; Base on GetWindowsVersion from
; Based on Yazno's function,
; Updated by Joost Verburg
; Returns on top of stack
; Windows Version (95, 98, ME, NT x.x, 2000, XP, 2003)
; or
; '' (Unknown Windows Version)
; Usage:
; Call IsWin9x
; Pop $R0
; ; at this point $R0 is "true" or "false"
Function IsWin9x
Push $R0
Push $R1
ReadRegStr $R0 HKLM \
"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" CurrentVersion
IfErrors 0 lbl_winnt
; we are not NT
StrCpy $R0 "true"
Goto lbl_done
StrCpy $R0 "false"
Pop $R1
Exch $R0
Function .onInit
Call IsWin9x
Pop $R0 ; at this point $R0 is "true" or "false"
StrCmp $R0 "true" 0 IsWinNT
MessageBox MB_OK \
'Allegro NFS Server does not work on Windows 9x.'
Call IsUserAdmin
Pop $R0 ; at this point $R0 is "true" or "false"
StrCmp $R0 "false" 0 IsAdmin
MessageBox MB_OK \
'You must be a member of the Administrators group to install.'
System::Call 'kernel32::CreateMutexA(i 0, i 0, t "Global\AllegroNFSInstallMutex") i .r1 ?e'
Pop $R0
StrCmp $R0 0 +3
MessageBox MB_OK|MB_ICONEXCLAMATION "The installer is already running."
; Pages
Page license
Page components
Page directory
Page instfiles
UninstPage uninstConfirm
UninstPage instfiles
; The stuff to install
Section "${VERBOSE_PROD}"
SectionIn RO
; Set output path to the installation directory.
SetOutPath "$INSTDIR"
; Perform all operations within the 'All Users' context.
SetShellVarContext all
;;Call StopConsole
Call StopAndDeleteService
;;;;;;; now install the files...
File /r "nfs\*"
!ifdef NFSDEMO
File /oname=license.txt "license-demo.txt"
File /oname=license.txt "license-paid.txt"
File "nfs.cfg.default"
;; nfs.cfg
; If nfs.cfg is already there, don't overwrite it.
IfFileExists "$INSTDIR\nfs.cfg" HasExistingConfig
;; Check for configuration files from previous versions, and copy
;; it into the newly named installation directory.
IfFileExists "C:\Program Files (x86)\Allegro NFS\nfs.cfg" 0 CheckFor32Bit
StrCpy $0 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Allegro NFS\nfs.cfg"
StrCpy $1 "$INSTDIR\nfs.cfg"
StrCpy $2 1 ; 0 to overwrite file if it already exists
System::Call 'kernel32::CopyFile(t r0, t r1, b r2) l'
Pop $0 ; pops a bool. if overwrite is off and there is a file then error will be 1
StrCmp $0 "true" 0 HasExistingConfig
MessageBox MB_OK 'Error creating nfs.cfg [1]'
IfFileExists "C:\Program Files\Allegro NFS\nfs.cfg" 0 DefaultConfig
StrCpy $0 "C:\Program Files\Allegro NFS\nfs.cfg"
StrCpy $1 "$INSTDIR\nfs.cfg"
StrCpy $2 1 ; 0 to overwrite file if it already exists
System::Call 'kernel32::CopyFile(t r0, t r1, b r2) l'
Pop $0 ; pops a bool. if overwrite is off and there is a file then error will be 1
StrCmp $0 "true" 0 HasExistingConfig
MessageBox MB_OK 'Error creating nfs.cfg [2]'
Goto HasExistingConfig
File /oname=nfs.cfg nfs.cfg.default
; Write the installation path into the registry
WriteRegStr HKLM "${REGKEY}" "Install_Dir" "$INSTDIR"
; See if we need to work around DEP
Push $1
System::Call "apphelp::ShimFlushCache(i 0, i 0, i 0, i 0) i .r1"
; $1 will be "error" if there is no apphelp on this system.
; $1 will be 1 if the call succeeded, which means we need to
; work around DEP.
IntCmp $1 1 0 noDEP noDEP
DetailPrint "Installing DEP workarounds"
; Turn off DEP for Allegro NFS programs
; Add registry entries
WriteRegStr HKLM "${APPCOMPATLAYERS}" "$INSTDIR\nfs.exe" "DisableNXShowUI"
WriteRegStr HKLM "${APPCOMPATLAYERS}" "$INSTDIR\configure\configure.exe" "DisableNXShowUI"
System::Call "apphelp::ShimFlushCache(i 0, i 0, i 0, i 0)"
Pop $1
!define UNINSTMAIN "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall"
; Write the uninstall keys for Windows
WriteRegStr HKLM "${UNINSTKEY}" "DisplayName" "${VERBOSE_PROD}"
WriteRegStr HKLM "${UNINSTKEY}" "UninstallString" '"$INSTDIR\uninstall.exe"'
WriteRegDWORD HKLM "${UNINSTKEY}" "NoModify" 1
WriteRegDWORD HKLM "${UNINSTKEY}" "NoRepair" 1
WriteUninstaller "uninstall.exe"
ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\nfs.exe" /install /quiet'
; Optional section (can be disabled by the user)
Section "Start Menu Shortcuts"
SetShellVarContext current
; Delete any old shortcuts that were installed in the current user area
RMDir /r "${SMDIR}"
SetShellVarContext all
; Start with a clean state
RMDir /r "${SMDIR}"
CreateDirectory "${SMDIR}"
CreateShortCut "${SMDIR}\Uninstall.lnk" "$INSTDIR\uninstall.exe"
;; These don't work on Vista. They're not really necessary anyway.
;;CreateShortCut "${SMDIR}\Start NFS Service.lnk" "%windir%\system32\net.exe" "start nfs"
;;CreateShortCut "${SMDIR}\Stop NFS Service.lnk" "%windir%\system32\net.exe" "stop nfs"
CreateShortCut "${SMDIR}\Configure ${VERBOSE_PROD}.lnk" \
CreateShortCut "${SMDIR}\${SHORT_PROD} Console.lnk" \
"$INSTDIR\nfs.exe" "/console"
CreateShortCut "${SMDIR}\Check for program update.lnk" \
Section "Start service after install"
ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\nfs.exe" /start /quiet'
Section "System tray icon"
CreateShortCut "$SMSTARTUP\${SHORT_PROD} Console.lnk" \
"$INSTDIR\nfs.exe" "/console /quiet"
Exec '"$INSTDIR\nfs.exe" /console /quiet'
Section "Run configuration program after install"
Exec '"$INSTDIR\configure\configure.exe"'
; Uninstaller
!ifdef NFSDEMO
Function un.onUninstSuccess
ExecShell "open" ""
Section Uninstall
SetShellVarContext all
;;Call un.StopConsole
Call un.StopAndDeleteService
DetailPrint "Removing registry keys..."
DeleteRegKey HKLM "${UNINSTKEY}"
DeleteRegKey HKLM "${REGKEY}"
DeleteRegValue HKLM "${APPCOMPATLAYERS}" "$INSTDIR\nfs.exe"
DeleteRegValue HKLM "${APPCOMPATLAYERS}" "$INSTDIR\configure\configure.exe"
DetailPrint "Removing files and uninstaller..."
Rmdir /r "$INSTDIR\system-dlls"
; would have used rmdir /r $INSTDIR but the config
; file is there too and we might want to preserve it. Bleh
Delete /rebootok "$INSTDIR\files.bu"
Delete /rebootok "$INSTDIR\*.txt"
Delete /rebootok "$INSTDIR\*.dll"
Delete /rebootok "$INSTDIR\*.dxl"
Delete /rebootok "$INSTDIR\*.exe"
Delete /rebootok "$INSTDIR\*.lic"
Delete /rebootok "$INSTDIR\nfs.cfg.default"
Delete /rebootok "$INSTDIR\nsm-state"
Rmdir /r "$INSTDIR\configure"
Rmdir /r "$INSTDIR\locales"
IfFileExists "$INSTDIR\nfs.cfg" 0 no_nfs_cfg
"Would you like to preserve $INSTDIR\nfs.cfg?" \
IDYES no_nfs_cfg IDNO remove_nfs_cfg
Delete /rebootok "$INSTDIR\nfs.cfg"
; may not work if nfs.cfg was preserved.
rmdir "$INSTDIR"
; Remove directories used
RMDir /r "${SMDIR}"
RMDir /rebootok "$INSTDIR"
Delete /rebootok "$SMSTARTUP\${SHORT_PROD} Console.lnk"
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