A PostgreSQL database interface for ACL contributed by Barton Gawboy
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pgsql: PostgreSQL bindings for Allegro Common Lisp

Table of contents

  • Description
  • Author
  • Author comments
  • Documentation
  • Platforms
  • Dependencies
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Licence
  • Notes
  • Examples
  • Franz Inc. Open Source Info


A PostgreSQL database interface contributed by Barton Gawboy.


Barton Gawboy

Author Comments

I wrote this binding because I wanted to use the SQL database that comes with the RedHat distribution. For my purposes, primarily in conjunction with AllegroServe, it turned out to be simpler, speedier and handier than using ODBC.I made a simple (pg:sql statement) function, and a (pg:with-database ...) macro to use with it.


Those platforms that support acl and postgresql. Last tested with acl 6.1 on RedHat 7. See the notes section below.


Allegro Common Lisp and postgresql's libpq library.


  1. Follow postgresql's installation instructions for your platform.

  2. Ensure that postgresql's postmaster process is running.

    (eg, ps aux | grep postmaster)

  3. Make note of the location that these sources are stored.

  4. Change the default directory in the system.cl file to the place you put it.

  5. Start acl and load the PostgreSQL library

    (load "libpq.so") <--- note that is a "pq" not a "pg"

  6. Compile and load the :pgsql system

(excl:compile-system :pgsql)
(excl:load-system :pgsql)


See step 4 of the installation process above

Usage Documentation

Load the library.

(require :pgsql) 

-or- (excl:load-system :pgsql)

TODO: Add more usage info. See the notes section below.


The pgsql source code is licensed under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License, known as the LLGPL. The LLGPL consists of a preamble and the LGPL. Where these conflict, the preamble takes precedence. This project is referenced in the preamble as the LIBRARY.


The C code implies virtual packages of both pq and pg. I just chose one, "pg", based on what I thought sounded best.

The support functions mimic ODBC syntax and are extremely simplistic, partly on purpose. However, we could eventually take advantage of more advanced features in PostgreSQL, if the support functions are further developed.


  1. include examples
  2. develop the support functions further
  3. test on more platforms

Examples and Information

TODO, see the notes section above.

Franz Inc. Open Source

This project's homepage is http://opensource.franz.com. There is an informal community support and development mailing list opensource@franz.com for these open source projects. We encourage you to take advantage by subscribing to the list. Once you're subscribed, email to opensource@franz.com with your questions, comments, suggestions, and patches.