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Added support of convenience conversion of query results.

Now you can ask solr-query to extract the doc nodes from the
search results, or further convert them to alist.

Also passing boolean value for solr-add is supported.
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1 parent 06c43e0 commit 32bcb2accc1617d8523e8c4b48c3c6fabf7d8e16 @shirok shirok committed May 19, 2011
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  1. +68 −6 solr.lisp
@@ -86,9 +86,17 @@ If COMMIT is true, the record is committed immediately.
If OVERWRITE is true, an existing record with the same key field will be
replaced with DOC, if any.
+The value associated with each key can be a string, symbol, boolean,
+real number, date-time, or a nonempty list of them. Boolean value is
+converted to 'true' or 'false'. Strings and symbols are passed to Solr
+as strings. Reals are passed as numbers, and Data-time is converted to
+iso8601 format Solr expects. If it is a nonempty list, it is passed
+as multiple values with the same key. (An empty list is treated as a
+boolean false).
- (solr-add solr '((id . 1234) (name . \"foo\")
- (text . \"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
+ (solr-add solr '((:id . 1234) (:name . \"foo\")
+ (:text . \"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et
dolore magna aliqua.\"))
:commit t)
@@ -182,13 +190,24 @@ On success, returns LXML representation of the Solr server response."
(search-name "select")
(score t)
(sort nil)
- (param-alist nil))
+ (param-alist nil)
+ (result-type :whole))
"Searches documents according to the given QUERY.
Returns LXML representation of the Solr server response.
FIELDS specifies which fields to be included in the results; the default
is \"*\".
SEARCH-NAME names the name of the customized search; if omitted,
-the default \"select\" search is used."
+the default \"select\" search is used.
+RESULT-TYPE specifies how the query result is returned. It can be either
+one of :whole, :nodes, or :alist.
+If it is :whole, the entire response message in LXML representation is
+If it is :nodes, a list of 'doc' nodes in LXML is returned.
+If it is :alist, the 'doc' nodes in the result is converted to an assoc
+list, whose car is a keyword and whose cdr contains a value.
(let ((uri (format nil "~a/~a" (solr-uri solr) search-name))
(q `((q . ,query)
(fields . ,fields)
@@ -198,7 +217,49 @@ the default \"select\" search is used."
(multiple-value-bind (body status headers)
(do-http-request/retry uri
:method :get :query q :external-format :utf-8)
- (parse-response body status headers))))
+ (translate-result
+ (parse-response body status headers)
+ result-type))))
+(defun translate-result (lxml type)
+ (ecase type
+ ((:whole) lxml)
+ ((:nodes) (extract-doc-nodes lxml))
+ ((:alist) (mapcar #'doc-node->alist (extract-doc-nodes lxml)))))
+;; This woulb be a one-liner if we could use XPath, but I [SK] don't
+;; want to depend on CL-XML just for that.
+(defun extract-doc-nodes (lxml)
+ (labels ((search-result (lxml)
+ (cond ((not (consp lxml)) nil)
+ ((and (consp lxml) (consp (car lxml))
+ (eq (caar lxml) 'result)
+ (equal (cadr (member 'name (cdar lxml))) "response"))
+ (cdr lxml)) ;found
+ (t (dolist (node (cdr lxml))
+ (let ((r (search-result node)))
+ (when r (return-from extract-doc-nodes r))))))))
+ (search-result lxml)))
+(defun doc-node->alist (node)
+ (labels ((get-name (n)
+ (intern (cadr (member 'name (cdar n))) :keyword))
+ (get-value (n)
+ (print n)
+ (let ((type (if (consp (car n)) (caar n) (car n)))
+ (vals (cdr n)))
+ (ecase type
+ ((str) (car vals))
+ ((arr lis) (mapcar #'get-value vals))
+ ((int) (parse-integer (car vals)))
+ ((float) (let ((v (read-from-string (car vals))))
+ (unless (realp v)
+ (error "Invalid float number:" (car vals)))
+ v))
+ ((bool) (not (equal (car vals) "false")))
+ ((date) (parse-iso8601 (car vals)))))))
+ (mapcar (lambda (n) (cons (get-name n) (get-value n))) (cdr node))))
;;; Some utilities
@@ -250,13 +311,14 @@ the default \"select\" search is used."
else (loop for (key . val) in rec do (render-field key val))))
(defun render-field (key val)
- (if* (listp val)
+ (if* (consp val)
then (dolist (v val) (render-field key v))
else ^((field @name key) @(render-value val))))
(defun render-value (val)
(etypecase val
(number val)
+ (boolean (xbool val))
(string val)
(symbol val)

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