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Limit t-gzip to only iterate over cl files in the current directory.

t-gzip is potentially run from other locations than the zlib/
directory, where it may iterate over many large files,
making the test run for hours instead of seconds. Make this
less likely to occur.

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Change-Id: I1c2772effeb0e630f417f548843b9cc5a572bc1d
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1 parent d5776c2 commit eb080e2f9d289400f5a837dd0d5ffc308b02b3e4 Mikel Bancroft committed Oct 4, 2011
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@@ -145,10 +145,10 @@
(defun test-gzip ()
(lambda (p)
- ;; Don't check .out files, since the output of the tests themselves
- ;; might be going to one, and that means the files would be changing
- ;; and the tests will fail.
- (when (not (string-equal "out" (pathname-type p)))
+ ;; Only check .cl files. This test file may be run in
+ ;; a directory with many large files resulting in
+ ;; the test taking a _very_ long time.
+ (when (string-equal "cl" (pathname-type p))
(deflate-test p)
(inflate-test p)
(dolist (type '(:gzip :zlib :deflate nil))

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