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emit informative message if libz can't be found

In case libz can't be loaded we emit a message which will help
the user find the library.

Are there user visible changes in this commit?  no

Is bootstrapping needed?   no

Are tests included for new features?  no new features

Tests run:  none

Change-Id: I348241ee5a14b0425fbab91bcf9f6bcf2a2facfe
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1 parent 08627ae commit fbac6d2dccac1b67e36e024c8c3fce611742c438 John Foderaro committed Feb 17, 2011
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@@ -69,8 +69,16 @@
(defvar *libz-dll-loaded* nil)
(if* (not *libz-dll-loaded*)
- then (load (util.string:string+ "libz." sys::*dll-type*) :foreign t)
+ then (handler-case
+ (load (util.string:string+ "libz." sys::*dll-type*) :foreign t)
+ (error (c)
+ (error "~
+This module require the compression library named libz be present ~
+on the machine for the deflate module to load. ~
+See for versions for various platforms.~% failure ~
+condition: ~a~%" c)))
(setq *libz-dll-loaded* t))

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