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A full advanced Point Of Sale built by me when I was 15y/o!
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Vendstor is an advanced Windows Point Of Sale App. It enables you to sell, manage employees, inventory and insight management.

Background History

When I was 15, after mastering C# I wanted to create something new and useful. I knew someone having a retail store with a lot of difficulties to manage them. I spoke with them about the advantages of having a modern POS. So I went developing something unique for their Business. After a couple of months, it turned out there won't be able to use the System. Over time, I was thinking of building something similar for other businesses. But It was kind of complicated to use a PC since Tablet POSs are easier to work with. That's why I decided to develop a completely new system. Unfortunately, the Store itself couldn't use the system.

To valorize the time, energy and the love I put in there, I open-sourced it. You can download it modify it for your own business or even develop a system with it.

I'm currently cleaning up the code. It will soon be live, I have to remove some unwanted stuff. I might even have to redesign the Database.

Please contact me for any commercial purposes.


  • Franz Nkemaka - CEO & Founder of Rigle™ - About

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the Rigle™ Open Source License (ROSL) you can basically modify it but for commercial purposes - contact me


  •                 Vendstor™                      *
  •                                                *
  •         Written by: Franz Nkemaka              *
  •               Date: 2018                       *
  •      Last Modified: December 2018              *
  •          Copyright: © RigleSoft™,  Rigle™      *
                      - A Company of Franz Nkemaka *
  •  	      All Rights Reserved                 *
  •                                                *


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