A simple, profile based kernel manager.
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A simple, profile based kernel manager.

How to add Spectrum support to your kernel

You will need to add the following two files to your device's ramdisk:

  • init.spectrum.rc
  • init.spectrum.sh

The files are included in the ramdisk folder of this repo. To use these ramdisk files, add

import /init.spectrum.rc

to the top of your device's main ramdisk file.

Next, add your kernel name to the app. Open init.spectrum.rc and change "Electron" in

   setprop persist.spectrum.kernel Electron

to your kernel's name.

All that is left is to customize the 4 profiles in init.spectrum.rc to your liking! Profile 0 (Balanced) is the default, however, this can be changed in init.spectrum.sh.