Frapid Multi Tenant Application Development Framework
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Frapid Framework

Thank you for visiting frapid github repository. Frapid is open source application development framework released under Apache v2.0 License.


Frapid is a multi-tenant application development framework with a basic built-in CMS (content management system) functionality. Although frapid can be used to build website, it can do a way much more than that.

Modules & Applications

Frapid provides you bells and whistles to start building your own application (module). Any frapid application may target any or all of the following scopes:

  • Website (Anonymous. Example: Content, Gallery, Blog, Job Listing, etc.)
  • Website (Users. Example: Discussion Boards, QnA Site, etc.)
  • Backend (Users & Employees. Example: CRM, HRM, ERP, or any other business application)

Multi Tenancy Concept & Conventions

Frapid was built from the ground up for the cloud. Not only frapid supports web farm environments, frapid can also host several (hundred) website and application instances running as a single IIS Website.


Who Is Using Frapid?