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Education Domain

An Education Institute needs lots more than a simple 'Education module', and ERPNext has all of it available built-in. You can:

  • Track your books of accounts using Accounts module.
  • Manage payroll, leaves and claims of your admin and teaching staff in the HR module.
  • Organize your purchases and place an approval system.

Here are the functionalities available under the ERPNext Education domain to go through after this introduction


1. Setup
  1. Course
2. Student
  1. Student
3. Admission
  1. Student Applicant
4. Fees
  1. Fees
5. Schedule
  1. Course Schedule
6. Attendance
  1. Student Attendance
7. Assessment
  1. Introduction
8. Assessment Reports
  1. Final Assessment Grades
9. Tools
  1. Student Attendance Tool
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