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Life is priceless and you, as a healthcare practitioner would need the best tools to honor it. ERPNext Healthcare domain is a humble initiative to help you serve your patients better.

ERPNext Healthcare helps you manage your hospital, clinic or practice efficiently by scheduling Appointments, capturing Vitals and managing medication and investigation orders by recording Patient Encounters. You can easily pull out a Patient's Medical History anytime to review the patient's past conditions and treatments assisting you in providing effective, high quality care. ERPNext Healthcare allows you manage multiple Medical Code Standards like the ICD 10 and easily search for Medical Codes simplifying the coding process. ERPNext Healthcare also comes with a Laboratory module with predefined templates for recording common Lab Tests.


Following are detailed guides on each of the functionalities ready to use in the ERPNext Healthcare domain.

1. Basics and Setup
  1. Introduction
2. Patient
  1. Patient
3. Records and Reports
  1. Medical Record
4. Healthcare practitioner
  1. Healthcare Practitioner
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