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Websites are a core component of any business and having a good website usually means:

  • Invest lot of money.
  • Difficult to update.
  • Not interactive.

Unless you are a web designer yourself.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to update your product catalog on your site automatically from your ERP?

We thought exactly the same and hence built a small Website Development app right inside ERPNext! Using ERPNext’s Website module, you can

  1. Create Web Pages
  2. Write a Blog
  3. Publish your Product Catalog using the Item master

We will soon be adding a shopping cart facility so that your customers can place orders and pay you online!

Though not necessary, to make a good website, you might have to know a bit of HTML / CSS or hire the services of a professional. The good part is that once this is setup, you can add and edit content, blogs and products directly from your ERP.

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