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CLI to Manage Frappe Deployments

Bench is a command line tool that helps you install, setup, manage multiple sites and apps based on Frappe Framework.

Create a new Frappe Environment

You can run multiple instances of frappe + erpnext on one server by creating multiple benches

bench init my-bench

Create and Manage Sites

Bench will help you create new instances of ERPNext, called sites and also migrate and debug them.

# create a new site
bench new-site mysite.local

# install erpnext in mysite.local
bench --site mysite.local install-app erpnext

# backup the site
bench --site mysite.local backup

Manage Updates

You can update all your instances to the latest release versions by running bench update. This will download the latest version of erpnext, update dependencies, run patches and also migrate the database schema.

bench update

Production Setup

Bench will also help you create config files for NGINX, Redis and Supervisor that will be production ready for your multi-site server.

bench setup production
Read the full documentation on GitHub

License: GNU General Public License

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