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Work @ Frappe

We are a delivery focussed, down-to-earth and no-nonsense team

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Being The Best

We aspire to build the best products and deliver the best services in all the domains we operate in. This means we are constantly evaluating our processes and performance and trying to do better. At our current level we think we have a long way to go. The way to become the best is to be self-critical about the work, be a high performance company and constantly experiment with new ways of delivering value to the customer.

Self Driven Work

At Frappe, we believe in self-driven and result-oriented work. Our team has the complete freedom to choose their work goals, projects that they want to work on, and the how they want to work. Instead of managing, we prefer that team members take ownership of their work / tasks and give in their 100% on completing it.

We also encourage our team members to work remotely. One of the major reasons is to save the hassle of travelling for hours. The hours saved will enable people to focus more on their work. Many new age companies are following this culture and the explosive growth of communication tools and bandwidth make it easy for so many things to be done remotely.

High Performance

Every month we have an Open Day where each employee presents the work that was assigned, amount of work completed, their progress, the difficulties faced by them while doing a task, etc. This gathering not only gives us insights but also opportunity to ponder down and improve the quality of one’s work for future. A lot of the team at Frappe is high performance, and if you are not as high performing as your colleagues, you will easily realise this.

The team at Frappe is one of the best software teams in the country and a great opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business.


We encourage our team members to write blogs and present their views on any topic of their choice. This not only cultivates a habit of writing, but also acts as a means of communication wherein you put your thoughts and ideas in front of everyone. Apart from this, we play Bombsquad every Friday after work to free ourselves from the work stress and a start to a good weekend.

Such small things constitute and lead to happy and satisfied employees. Many employees who work at Frappe say that they love the work culture we have here, and often recommend their friends to join too.

{{ media( "Prateeksha Singh", "Despite having been in the business since 2008, we still work like a startup. It may be the fact of having 30-odd employees that gives us an agility to move quickly. Or our penchant to keep working on something new, while developing for and interacting with numerous users on a daily basis. Or that everything we build is open source, be it our code bases or our work model; almost no workplace hierarchy means greater osmosis of knowledge transfer. You don't have to belong to a team to build something you like, just get a domain buddy to pair to plan, and start working", "", "Engineering Lead", "" )}}

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