Network-minded Companions for Panic's StatusBoard.
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Network-minded Companions for Panic's StatusBoard.

What's in the box

  • sm2sb.php - Smokeping to StatusBoard, show Smokeping latest latency status on a Bar Graph.
  • mrtg2sb.php - MRTG to StatusBoard, show Upstream and Downstream traffic on a Line Graph.
  • packetshaper2sb.php - PacketShaper to StatusBoard, show topN bandwidth consumer in a Table.
  • More to come...

What it looks like

My StatusBoard Dash

More info on my WAN setup can be found here:

What you need to run it

  • A fairly recent PHP (tested with 5.4).
  • php-rrd, php-json and php-snmp modules (test with php -m).
  • BlueCoat SNMP MIBs (only for packetshaper2sb.php).
  • A web server to host the script or the resulting .json or html file.

What is missing

  • Working on more widgets: Cisco IOS IPS status, Cisco Call Manager Express call status and more...

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