Slack/Mattermost plugin for OctoPrint
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An OctoPrint plugin for monitoring your printer and prints via Slack or Mattermost


  • Support for both Slack and Mattermost
  • Monitor both print status as well as printer connectivity status
  • Slack+Mattermost WebHooks and Slack API Token
  • Respond to Slack commands to check print status or cancel/pause/resume a print
    • Requires use of the Slack API Token
  • Customizable messages
  • Support for posting to one more channels as well as event level channel overrides
  • Support for inclusion of RasPi temperature, bed temperature, nozzle temperates, and nozzle height
  • Custom bot name/icon/emoji
  • Optional inclusion of printer snapshot images with each message
    • Support for snapshot hosting on either Amazon S3 or Imgur (with album support)
  • Support for additional snapshot images from IP cameras

Supported Events

  • Print started
  • Print failed
  • Print cancelled
  • Print paused
  • Print resumed
  • Print finished
  • Print progress (% complete)
  • Print progress (time interval)
  • Print progress (Z height change)
  • G-code sent to printer
  • Timelapse render started
  • Timelapse render finished
  • Timelapse render failed
  • OctoPrint error
  • OctoPrint started
  • OctoPrint stopped
  • Printer connecting
  • Printer connected
  • Printer disconnecting
  • Printer disconnected

Manual installation steps

pip install ""


Print Started

Print started example

Left = Slack / Right = Mattermost

Print Progress

Print progress example

Left = Slack / Right = Mattermost

Print Finished

Print finished example

Left = Slack / Right = Mattermost