Isolate & Analyze Diffuse Scattering in X-ray Diffraction Images
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This package takes raw diffraction images as input and returns 3D-reciprocal space maps of the diffuse X-ray scattering present in the images. The script relies on a custom build of DIALS (, which incorporates methods from the Lunus software package (

Quick Summary

Contents        #script to run functions from library, can launch jobs on SGE                 #library of functions for processing diffraction images          #input parameters for diffuse data processing                 #beginnings of a test file against gold standard outputs
*.npz                       #lattice files
*.pkl                       #crystal object from DIALS output
*.cbf                       #raw data to test pipeline


libtbx.python -i -p -a     #example of how to run pipeline in folder with raw data

Detailed Instructions

Coming Soon!


DIALS (Custom Build)


libtbx.python -h