Data analysis for solution scattering experiments.
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Solution Scattering


Code for analyzing solution scattering data, particularly focusing on time-resolved experiments.


Ben Barad (bbarad)
Michael Thompson (miket928)
Alex Wolff (LifeHasOrder)

Contents         #tools to calculate kinetics from changes between time-resolved dat files                           #library for reading SAXS data                      #visual dat files from reduce_data                      #plotting library for SAXS data                     #reduce replicates          #calculate a SPF(q)    #divide I(q) by SPF(q)                           #object and methods for handling I(q)


python3  -st dir_static_files  -b dir_static_buffer_files    #example of how to reduce data

python3  dir_static_dat_files    #calculate SPF, write as dat

python3  dir_uncorrected  SPF_dat_file    #divide I(q) by SPF(q)