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20120307-python-fp add BrisPy functional programming talk
20121003-perl-test-builder-clutch BrisPM clutch: add speaker notes, fix typo
20130201-lca2013-igor-ci lca2013-igor-ci: add lightning talk slides
20130723-bfpg-aeson bfpg-aeson: move to actual date
20130807-python-elk brispy-elk: typospotting
20140624-bfpg-cis194wk5 bfpg-cis194wk5: add "where to find help" note
20140803-pyconau-elk pyconau-descriptors: minor changes
20140807-fsb-fsf-campaigns fsb-fsf-campaigns: typospotting
20140923-bfpg-haskell-paas bfpg-haskell-paas: minor updates
20141027-warh-parametricity redhat open day: add parametricity slides
20141104-osdc-govhask osdc2014-haskell: refine
20141104-osdc-lightning-parametricity osdc2014-parametricity: add lightning talk
20141106-osdc-freeipa osdc2014-freeipa: update slides
20141106-osdc-lightning-quickcheck osdc2014-quickcheck: add shrink
20150113-lca-quickcheck lca2015-quickcheck: cull
20150116-lca-freeipa lca2015-freeipa: fix sssd list addrs devconf-letsencrypt: add DV, status and future slides devconf-quickcheck: link mbrknl rev completeness proof
20150221-crikeycon-acme crikeycon-acme: final tweaks
20150324-bfpg-haskell-ffi bfpg-haskell-ffi: final tweaks
20150417-qut-acme qut-acme: add talk
20150731-pyconau-django-idm pyconau-django-extauth: final version of talk
20150801-pyconau-cryptography pyconau-cryptography: add GIL note
20150802-pyconau-lightning-parametricity pyconau: add parametricity lightning talk
20150905-kiwipycon-extauth kiwipycon-extauth: initial version (clone pyconau talk)
20150908-bfpg-parser-combinator bfpg-parser-combinators: add talk
2015100x-compcon-parametricity compcon-parametricity: add proposal
201510xx-osdc-freeipa-workshop osdc-freeipa-workshop: add proposal
201510xx-runxcon-deo ruxcon-deo: add proposal
201602xx-lca-fp-miniconf lca2016-fp-miniconf: add proposal
201602xx-lca-freeipa-cert-mgmt add lca2016 freeipa cert management proposal
201602xx-lca-freeipa-workshop add lca2016 freeipa workshop proposal
deck.js @ 545a301 deck.js: update to latest upstream
deck.js-codemirror @ 7419210 deck.js-codemirror: add submodule
rejected pyconjp-django-idm: rejected
template-deck.js deck.js: add talk template
.gitmodules deck.js: update to latest upstream
COPYING add BrisPM Test::Builder::Clutch talk
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