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SoundRedux Native

In an effort to learn es6 and redux, this is SoundRedux, a simple Soundcloud client

I have a blog post sharing my experience Building A Native Soundcloud Android App With React Native And Redux

In an effort to learn es6 and redux, react-native this is SoundRedux Native, a simple Soundcloud native client.

This repo is stolen from the awesome soundredux project by @andrewngu , I've been using it instead of the official Soundclould client for a week.


What I've learned

  • Having redux as the data layer, it takes no effort to switch the view layer from DOM to react-native
  • Writing CSS with flexbox is easy than normal CSS
  • Building a native module for react-native is simple and straightforword thanks to the effort and nice design from Facebook
  • Soundcloud API is awesome

Currently only focused on Android developement because I don't have an iOS device and it's only fun when your code running on your own device.

The code is still a mess with ES6 + ES5 code mixed together. And I haven't done import all the features from soundredux and some of the code is even not used yet.


  1. npm install
  2. Check Android Setup
  3. react-native run-android

Feedback, issues, etc. are more than welcome!


  • InfinteScroll to load more songs
  • To be able to switch genre
  • Clean up code
  • A modal to display song detail like the official client
  • iOS


To run it on a real device, bundle the jsfile into the apk by running:

Thanks to my awesome colleague @xeodou who build the native Android player react-native-playermodule on top of ExoPlayer.


📱 In an effort to try react-native along with redux






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