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FraudLabs Pro PHP SDK to screen the order transaction for payment fraud.


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FraudLabs Pro PHP SDK

This PHP module enables user to easily implement fraud detection feature into their solution using the API from

Below are the features of this PHP module:

  • Fraud analysis and scoring
  • IP address geolocation & proxy validation
  • Email address validation
  • Credit card issuing bank validation
  • Transaction velocity validation
  • Device transaction validation
  • Blacklist validation
  • Custom rules trigger
  • Email notification of fraud orders
  • Mobile app notification of fraud orders

This module requires API key to function. You may subscribe a free API key at

Developer Documentation

To learn more about installation, usage, and code examples, please visit the developer documentation at


Feedback Status

Feedback Status Description
FraudLabsPro\FraudValidation::APPROVE Approves an order that under review status.
FraudLabsPro\FraudValidation::REJECT Rejects an order than under review status.
FraudLabsPro\FraudValidation::REJECT_BLACKLIST Rejects and blacklists an order.


See the LICENSE file.