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Important Note: This software is not actively maintained anymore

As of 2021, ACSL by Example is not maintained anymore. The main reason is that my research centers now on quantum computing. Although this field also demands for formal methods, I have not enough time to continue providing high quality releases of ACSL by Example.

It was a great pleasure for me to learn about the Frama-C tool chain, in particular the Frama-C/WP plug-in. We at Fraunhofer FOKUS could not have produced ACSL by Example without the great help we received from the team of Frama-C at CEA List!

Special thanks also to Denis Efremov from ISPRAS for his contributions to ACSL by Example.

ACSL by Example

This repository contains version 22.0.0 of ACSL by Example --- a collection of C functions and data types whose behavior has been formally specified with ACSL and formally verified with Frama-C/WP.

The directory StandardAlgorithms contains the complete C source code including ACSL annotations of the examples.

This version of ACSL by Example is intended for Frama-C 22.0 and relies among others on the following sofware packages.

Package Version
Why3 1.3.3
Alt-Ergo 2.3.3
CVC4 1.7
Z3 4.8.6
Coq 8.12.1

For more details on verifying the examples see the file README.txt.

Accompanying LaTeX files

We also inlude for each example corresponding LaTeX file (see directory Informal). This might be interesting for someone who wants to apply machine learning algorithms on this (small) collection of informal and formal specifications. Note that these LaTeX files are not sufficient to generate ACSL by Example.