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Deckschrubber inspects images of a Docker Registry and removes those older than a given age. 🔆🚢
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n. person responsible for scrubbing a ship's deck.

Go Report Card License

Deckschrubber inspects images of a Docker Registry and removes those older than a given age.

Quick Start

go get

Why this?

We run our own private registry on a server with limited storage and it was only a question of time, until it was full! Although there are similar approaches to do Docker registry house keeping (in Python, Ruby, etc), a native module (using Docker's own packages) was missing. This module has the following advantages:

  • Is binary!: No runtime, Python, Ruby, etc. is required
  • Uses Docker API: same packages and modules used to relaze Docker registry are used here


-day int
      max age in days
      run in debug mode      
      does not actually deletes
-latest int
      number of the latest matching images of an repository that won't be deleted (default 1)      
-month int
      max age in months
-registry string
      URL of registry (default "http://localhost:5000")
-repo string
      matching repositories (allows regexp) (default ".*")      
-repos int
      number of repositories to garbage collect (default 5)
-tag string
      matching tags (allows regexp) (default ".*")      
-ntag string
      match everything but this tag (allows regexp) (default empty)
-v    shows version and quits
-year int
      max age in days

Registry preparation

Deckschrubber uses the Docker Registry API. Its delete endpoint is disabled by default, you have to enable it with the following entry in the registry configuration file:

  enabled: true

See the documentation for details.


  • Remove all images older than 2 months and 2 days
$GOPATH/bin/deckschrubber -month 2 -day 2
  • Remove all images older than 1 year from http://myrepo:5000
$GOPATH/bin/deckschrubber -year 1 -registry http://myrepo:5000
  • Analyize (but do not remove) images of 30 repositories
$GOPATH/bin/deckschrubber -repos 30 -dry
  • Remove all images of each repository except the 3 latest ones
$GOPATH/bin/deckschrubber -latest 3 
  • Remove all images with tags that ends with '-SNAPSHOT'
$GOPATH/bin/deckschrubber -tag ^.*-SNAPSHOT$ 
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