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How to properly add custom icon set/holidays icons to DynCal.


  • SailSansProLight font installed on your computer. I'm not sure I have the right to re-distribute it, so grab it from your Jolla in /usr/share/fonts/sail-sans-pro .
  • A basic knowledge on how to compile rpm's. This guide was useful to me (it works on Linux computers too).

Adding icons

  1. Fork or download this repo.
  2. Open 0000.psd with an image editor (I used Gimp).
  3. Edit the image to your likings. For the best result, try to keep the position of the number as in the icons I made. The font is Sail Sans Pro Light size 44.
  4. Save the image in the folder usr/share/harbour-dyncal/icons It MUST be named as mmdd.png where mm and dd are the month and the day, respectively.
  5. Keep the image under 9Kb.

.spec file

Open the .spec file and edit these lines:

  • Name: the name used in the system to identify your package.
  • Version: the version of the package.
  • Release: the issue of the version.
  • Summary: an intellegible name for your package.
  • Vendor: your name/nickname.
  • Packager: your name/nickname and email (optional).
  • URL: your blog/website (optional).
  • description: description for your package.
  • changelog: the changelog of your package.


Open run.sh and replace each harbour-dyncal-ex string with the name of the package you chose in the .spec file. Do the same in restore.sh.

Building and releasing

You are ready to build the package and publish it! The preferred method is on openrepos.net. Don't forget to add as a notice to enable my repository and have at least DynCal 0.3.0 installed, otherwise it won't work!

Additional notes

I've shown the easiest and quickest method to have your own holidays icons running but, in an open source spirit, you can take the whole DynCal script and adjust it to your linkings - just please remember to credit my work.

The other upside of this approach is your extension will always rely on the latest build of DynCal.

Any way you choose, please let me know if you made an extension or a script based on mine, so in case I'll make any important and disruptive change I can inform you about it.

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