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CA UIM Robots_checker (check probes, and do callback on it)
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CA UIM Robots_checker (check probes, and do callback on it). This probe has been created to do self monitoring of CA UIM Hubs and robots.

Warning this probe only work on hub, the probe do local checkup with nimRequest only (dont use to do remote checkup).


  • Test Callback on each probe of each robots.

Feel free to PR new monitoring

Installation and configuration guide

First of all, dont use nim_login and nim_password if you package the probe. Use these fields when you run the script manually on the system.

Dont forget you need perluim R4.0 framework for this probe. Find the framework HERE

Setup section

Section Key Values Description
setup domain string CA UIM Domain
setup audit 1 - 0 When audit is set to 1, the probe does not generate new alarms (cool to test in production the first time).
setup callback_retry_count number Number of retries of primary callbacks (getrobots and probeslist).
setup output_directory string the name of output directory.
setup output_cache_time number the cache time in second for output directory.

Sample configuration

    domain = DOMAIN
    audit = 0
    callback_retry_count = 3
    nim_login = login
    nim_password = password
    output_directory = output
    output_cache_time = 432000
    alarms_probes_down = yes
    alarm_severity = 2
    alarm_subsys = 1.1.20
        callback = _status
        callback = _status
        callback = _status
        callback = _status
        callback = _status 
        callback = _status 
        callback = _status 
        callback = _status 
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