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SimeonC commented Nov 27, 2013

Create tests to make sure features and bugfixes don't have unintended side effects.

@SimeonC SimeonC was assigned Nov 27, 2013
danse commented Dec 4, 2013

Hi, i'm not used with testing in angular. Are there choices to be made here? For example wether to use mocha or jasmine or stuff like that?

SimeonC commented Dec 5, 2013

Hey @danse.

No there aren't really many choices to be made, really just need the tests to be written up. I was going to follow the lead of some other projects (namely which use mocha, karma and Travis CI to run the automated tests.

danse commented Dec 5, 2013

this would mean you choose mocha. weird, here the framework is jasmine

danse commented Dec 5, 2013

oh i see, jasmine is part of end to end, and in it's doc they suggest to consider protractor

SimeonC commented Dec 6, 2013

Huh, didn't notice that. As I said, I haven't actually implemented this before except as a simple mocha tests that I run manually. If you want to build the tests for textAngular but prefer a different framework, go for it!

I'm not able to do any work on this till February next year.

@SimeonC SimeonC pushed a commit that referenced this issue Jan 10, 2014
Simeon Started Work on #33 (use grunt, runs tests and compression if tests s…
…uccessful, no notes in README or anything yet)

Fixes into #42
Changed .bower.json to bower.json as in #66, also included devDependancies for running the tests
@SimeonC SimeonC pushed a commit that referenced this issue Jan 13, 2014
Simeon Added some more tests, still not complete #33 #8
Updated grunt uglifier.
Added textAngular-sanitize.js. This is a fork of angular-sanitise.js that specifically allows style attributes ONLY with the colour option, all others will be stripped out. #62
Fixing and testing of Uglified Output #60
Finished Implementation of #42 - there is a deferred promise sequence to the action of the toolbar button now, this allows us to use custom popups in theory. Still need to save and recall the selection manually atm.
@SimeonC SimeonC pushed a commit that referenced this issue Feb 5, 2014
Simeon Changed Readability as suggested in #81
Added Rangy as Optional library - Gives better activeState selection and more flexibility to tools plugins. Completely optional.
taBind and taSanitize tests #33
Fixed the use of ‘align’ attribute which is supposed to be depreciated in HTML5, changed to add in ‘text-align’ style as valid attribute. issue highlighted from #80
Update model on cut/paste #79
Add in some toolbar focus fixes from test cases.
Moved a lot of for loops to anglular.forEach as it’s tidier.
@SimeonC SimeonC pushed a commit that referenced this issue Feb 17, 2014
Simeon Finish all the tests Closing #33.
Bugfixes from the tests.
SimeonC commented Feb 17, 2014

Done. Note that there are some parts that are not tested, for example the buttons.

@SimeonC SimeonC closed this Feb 17, 2014
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