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Rumbly - Generate UML Diagrams for Ruby Applications


Rumbly is a Ruby gem that allows you to easily generate UML class diagrams from models built using a variety of object mapping libraries, e.g. ActiveRecord, DataMapper, Mongoid, etc., all with our without Rails.

Rumbly provides a set of generic, abstract classes that are used to describe the key elements of an object model: classes, attributes, operations, and relationships. These abstract classes are not tied to a specific object mapper; mapper-specific subclasses are provided for ActiveRecord, DataMapper, and Mongoid that translate a set of model classes and relationships built on a specific object mapper into the generic model API defined by Rumbly.

These generic model objects are then used to generate UML class diagrams using a variety of diagramming tools; a diagram generator is provided that works with (and requires) Graphviz, but others can be created easily.

Althought Rumbly does not require Ruby on Rails, it provides a set of Rake tasks to make it easy to generate UML class diagrams from within a Rails application, since this is likely to be the most common use case.

Getting Started

First, install the gem:

gem install rumbly

To use Rumbly's default Graphviz output, install the latest version of Graphviz.

To run Rumbly within a Rails environment:

  • add gem 'rumby' to your Gemfile
  • run bundle install
  • run rake rumbly

About Rumbly

Rumbly was created by Dustin Frazier (ruby at based on the excellent Rails ERD by Rolf Timmermans.

Copyright © 2012 Dustin Frazier


Rumbly is released under the MIT license.