Minimal, JavaScript / CSS / HTML project springboard with Closure Compiler / YUI Compressor / JSDoc ANT build file and simple MVC template
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Springboard is an ultra minimal JavaScript / CSS and HTML project springboard.

It features a useful ANT build file which can:

Also included is a simple JavaScript Model-View-Controller (MVC) template (based on Alex Netkachov's) which can optionally be used as a basis for your project.

Quick Setup

To get started, first clone the repository:

cd /your/workspace
git clone YourProjectName

Update the AUTHOR and NAMESPACE variables in the file.

Run the setup task:

cd YourProjectName
ant setup

This will refactor the project template to match your namespace. You'll then be given the option to delete the GIT metadata and disconnect from the Springboard repository...

###Now Start Coding!

In your HTML files keep your code in the following block comments:

  • CSS:LIB - For CSS libraries
  • CSS:SRC - For your CSS
  • JS:LIB - For closure Javascript (You shouldn't need to change this)
  • JS:SRC - For your Javascript

Scripts and styles embedded outside of blocks will remain untouched to add flexibility, whilst all blocks of the same type in different pages will intelligently be compiled together.

Springboard supports blocks for both third party libraries and project source files in CSS and JavaScript. Libraries used by your project are combined to reduce HTTP requests but not minfied, whereas project source files are.

Springboard uses externs to manage compiled code dependancies and ships with externs for JQuery 1.6.1. Externs for other libraries can be generated using Closure Compiler Externs Extractor.

###Update Dependencies

As you add new classes you will need to update the dependencies so the Closure Library can dynamically locate the right Javascript files for the right classes.

To do this, run update:

ant update


To compile your project and create a deploy version, run build:

ant build


To generate JavaScript documentation, run jsdoc:

ant jsdoc