Uses for check users online, user's last activity, last ip and other user's information
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Stores session data in database and transfer data when session is destroy. Uses for check users online, user's last activity and last ip.

Add this to component section in config/main.php

'session' => array (
  'class' => 'application.components.DbHttpSession',
  'connectionID' => 'db',
  'sessionTableName' => 'session',
  'userTableName' => 'user'

Session table will be created automatically

Add columns to your user table:
ALTER TABLE user ADD user_id INT(11) NOT NULL, ADD last_ip VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, ADD last_activity DATETIME NOT NULL

For Example:

Add this method to User model

    public static function getOnlineUsers()
        $sql = "SELECT session.user_id, FROM session LEFT JOIN user ON";
        $command = Yii::app()->db->createCommand($sql);
        return $command->queryAll();