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tbapy PyPI version

1418 TBA Libraries // Python // Go // Ruby

Python library for interfacing with The Blue Alliance API (v3).


First, install the module:

pip3 install tbapy

Then, to use these functions, you must import the tbapy module:

import tbapy

Before using the library, you must instantiate its class, for example:

tba = tbapy.TBA('key')

The Blue Alliance's API requires that all applications identify themselves with an auth key when retrieving data. To obtain an auth key, visit TBA's Account page.

Retrieval Functions

You may specify simple=True to get only vital data on some models or lists of models, or you may specify keys=True to get a list of the keys for a list rather than full data on each model. It is recommended to use these options if you do not need full data.

Some requests support year and other optional parameters, which are recommended to use to narrow down your results.

  • tba.status() - Get TBA's status.
  • tba.teams([page], [year], [simple/keys]) - Get a list of of valid teams, where page * 500 is the starting team number. If no page is provided, all teams will be fetched.
  •, [simple]) - Get a team's data. team can be an integer team number of a string-form 'frc####' identifier.
  • tba.team_events(team, [year], [simple/keys]) - Get a list of events a team has been to.
  • tba.team_awards(team, [event/year]) - Get a list of the team's awards.
  • tba.team_matches(team, [event/year], [simple/keys]) - Get a list of a team's matches at an event.
  • tba.team_years(team) - Get a list of years the team was active in FRC.
  • tba.team_media(team, [year], [tag]) - Get team media. Specify a year to get media from or a tag or both.
  • tba.team_robots(team) - Get data about a team's robots.
  • tba.team_districts(team) - Get the districts that a team has been part of over the years.
  • tba.team_profiles(team) - Get data on a team's media profiles.
  • tba.team_status(team, event) - Get a team's status at an event.
  •[year], [simple/keys]) - Get a list of all events.
  • tba.event(event, [simple]) - Get data about an event.
  • tba.event_rankings(event) - Gets a list of team rankings at a given event.
  • tba.event_alliances(event) - Get sophisticated data on alliances at a given event.
  • tba.event_district_points(event) - Get sophisticated data on district points at a given event.
  • tba.event_insights(event) - Get insight data on a given event.
  • tba.event_oprs(event) - Get sophisticated data on alliances at a given event.
  • tba.event_predictions(event) - Get predicted scores for a given event.
  • tba.event_teams(event, [simple/keys]) - Get a list of teams at an event.
  • tba.event_awards(event) - Get the awards from an event.
  • tba.event_matches(event, [simple/keys]) - Get a match list of an event.
  • tba.match([key], [year], [event], [type], [number], [round], [simple]) - Get data about a match. You may either pass the match's key directly, or pass year, event, type, match (the match number), and round if applicable (playoffs only). The event year may be specified as part of the event key or specified in the year parameter.
  • tba.districts(year) - Get a list of all districts that exist(ed) in a given year.
  • tba.district_events(district, [simple/keys]) - Get list of events in a district.
  • tba.district_rankings(district) - Get the rankings in a district.
  • tba.district_teams(district, [simple/keys]) - Get a list of the teams in a district.

See for several usage examples.

Documentation for The Blue Alliance's API can be found here.

Write Functions

Writing to The Blue Alliance requires an additional set of tokens that can be obtained here.

Since each set of tokens is unique to an event you will have the instantiate the TBA class like so:

tba = tbapy.TBA('key', 'ID', 'secret', 'event_key')

or update an existing TBA object like so:

tba.update_trusted('ID', 'secret', 'event_key')

All of the write functions require data models that can be found here at the Write API documentation

  • tba.update_event_info(info) - Update the Event's info with the given dictionary.
  • tba.update_event_alliances(alliances) - Update the alliances. Input is a list of lists, 8 lists with the team names in frc#### format are expected.
  • tba.update_event_awards(awards) - Update the awards for an event with a list of dictionaries. Each dictionary must have a name_str key and optionally a team_key key in frc### format and/or an awardee key for an individual award.
  • tba.update_event_matches(rankings) - Update the matches of an event with a dictionary. Additional info can be found in the Write API Documentation on The Blue Alliance.
  • tba.delete_event_matches([matches]) - Delete all matches or the matches in the given list.
  • tba.update_event_rankings(rankings) - Update rankings of an event with a dictionary containing a breakdowns key and rankings key. Rankings key must have a list of dictionaries as the value.
  • tba.update_event_team_list(team_list) - Replace the event's team list with the list given.
  • tba.add_match_videos(match_videos) - Add YouTube videos to matches with a dictionary of partial match keys to YouTube video ids.
  • tba.add_event_videos(event_videos) - Add videos to the event's media tab on The Blue Alliance with a list of YouTube video ids.


This software was created and is maintained by Erik Boesen with Team 1418. Additional contributions made by Ian Weiss with Team 4131.


This software is protected under the MIT License.


πŸ“ˆ Python wrapper for The Blue Alliance API.








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