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BaseBot is a complete rewrite of BarebonesFRC with 2 goals. Do it right, and do it fast. The entire codebase is written in pure c/c++ and some components are being optimized further with the help of assembly analysis.


This code can be "installed" in one of two ways. First, is via an official release:

These are the steps:

  • Get the latest release from github
  • Unpack the compressed archive
  • Open it as a folder in vscode
  • Set your team number in wpilib
  • Deploy using wpilib

The second way is to use rolling release / waterfall. Just do the steps above, but use git to clone the master branch instead of grabbing the latest release.

NOTE: 5024 members should always use the second method.


When deploying code to our robots we have a problem where, on the first few tries, the deployment fails due to not being able to find the RIO. Just keep trying, and it will eventually work.


This codebase has a modified version of 2018's offseason DriverMenu.

Action Controller When What it Does
Hold Y button Driver's controller While enabling the robot Switches to TriggerDrive

Active Branches

The following branches are being activly worked on

Name Task
darian-motion-profiling Writing a motion profiling system
Qbert Code being used to teach new members how to program robots

Building the documentation

To build the documentation, make sure you have doxygen installed, then run:

doxygen ./doxygen.config 

The documentation will the be automattically pushed to the website for this repo.

5024 members should not worry about this because the documentation is automatically built during our code review process.

Who Made This?

BaseBot is a rewrite of barebonesFRC which was based off of the 2017 and 2018 codebases from Team 5024

BarebonesFRC was originally designed by:

And was tested by:

BaseBot is developed by the 5024 Programming Team and has been tested by:

  • Aidan
  • Andrea
  • Jeremy
  • Josh
  • Mark
  • Nick

From our drive team

Special thanks to our awesome mentors:

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