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FRC Team 604: 2011 "Barracuda"

This is FIRST Team 604's 2011 robot code, rewritten from LabVIEW into C++ with the WPILib framework.

"Special" Features

  • Dual-mode arm control, with manual and single-button PID-controlled preset modes, and a button to hold in the current position.
  • Gyro-based driving, with one button to face the robot forward, one to face it in the opposite direction, and one to reset the position that is considered "forward".

Other Features

  • Example of a custom PID Source and Output.
  • Example of basic drive code.
  • Example of compressor/pneumatics code.
  • Example of solenoid-based shifter code.
  • Control code for a single-jointed arm with a pneumatic gripper and rollers.
  • Control code for a pneumatics-driven minibot deployment system.


Licensed under the MIT License.