robot code for the 2014 FRC season
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Pulling the Code

  1. Set up and configure your Netbeans and FRC tools installation.

  2. Download and install git for your system.

  3. On Linux-based systems, open up a terminal; on Windows, find "Git Bash" in the Start Menu and open it up.

  4. You'll start out in your home directory. You'll need to switch over to your "NetbeansProjects" directory, which is usually in your "Documents" folder. Run the following command inside your console window:

    cd Documents/NetbeansProjects
  5. Pull down a copy of this repository by running the following commands:

    git clone
    cd FRC-2014/
    git submodule init
    git submodule update
    cd ..
    mv FRC-2014 2014
  6. Go to Netbeans and create a new "Simple Robot Template" project with the following settings:

    Field Value
    Project Name FRC-2014
    Package com._604robotics.robot2014
    Main Robot Class Robot2014

    If you get strange errors starting up the code after a deploy, it's because you messed these settings up!

  7. Close Netbeans.

  8. Switch back over to your console window, and run the following commands to merge in the repository contents with your new project:

    rm -r FRC-2014/src
    mv 2014/* FRC-2014
    rm -r 2014
  9. Re-open Netbeans and you should have a fully set-up project.

If you have any questions, talked to Michael.