Robot code for the 2016 season
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Cloning this repository

These instructions assume that you already have git and Eclipse configured.

  1. Clone the repository with git clone

  2. The folder structure will now look something like this:

/path/to/repo/*FRC-2016*/(FRC-2016,, etc)

In Eclipse, create a new workspace inside the first FRC-2016 folder (the folder surrounded by asterisks). Create a new "Robot Java Project" with the following settings:

Project Name|FRC-2016
Project Package|com.\_604robotics.robot2016
Project Type|Iterative Robot
  1. Delete the file in the project directory.

Additional Information


  • When deploying code, Eclipse throws an error like "Unable to find Java compiler. Perhaps JAVA_HOME is not set to the JDK." This can happen for one of two reasons. If deploying works with one workspace but not another, skip to step 2.

    1. JAVA_HOME or PATH does not contain the JDK path. On Windows, go to Control Panel > System and Security > System and select Advanced System Settings.

    Select "Environmental Variables" and look for JAVA_HOME and PATH variables. Make sure that a path like C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_65 is on either JAVA_HOME or PATH. If it is not, add the aforementioned path to PATH.

    If this still doesn't work, move on to step 2.

    1. Eclipse is not configured to use the JDK.

    In Eclipse, go to Window > Preferences and find Java > Installed JREs and make sure that jdk 1.8.0_65 or something similar is listed on the left. If only jre 1.8.0._65 is there, click "Add...".

    Select "Standard VM" and enter the path into "JRE home:". Click "Finish" and check for the jdk 1.8.0_65 entry again.

  • After cloning the code, the workspace path structure does not show existing paths as packages.

    • This will happen if you attempt to add the project to an existing workspace. Make sure to add the project to a new workspace.
    • If you are using Eclipse for C/C++ developers, packages may not show up either. This is simply cosmetic and should not affect development.
    • This could also happen if you create the workspace in the wrong place. Please make sure to create a new workspace in the right place, as specified above. If you choose the wrong folder to create the workspace in, the resulting project will have the wrong layout.

Important Notes

  • Do not add any code that isn't already public! All code added before build season (January 9, 2016) must be available publicly. This is to comply with FRC rules.

  • Please contact Ryan or Sang Gi for any other questions.


  • Continue to update troubleshooting instructions as necessary
  • See if project can be added to existing workspace instead of new one: Project must be added to new workspace.
  • Possibly add instructions as to cloning first and importing the code in another workspace?

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