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colour transfer

This package contains two scripts to run colour grading as described in

[Pitie05a] N-Dimensional Probability Density Function Transfer and its
Application to Colour Transfer. F. Pitie , A. Kokaram and R. Dahyot
(2005) In International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV'05). Beijing,

[Pitie05b] Towards Automated Colour Grading. F. Pitié , A. Kokaram and
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[Pitie07a] Automated colour grading using colour distribution transfer.
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[Pitie07b] The linear Monge-Kantorovitch linear colour mapping for
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[Pitie08] Enhancement of Digital Photographs Using Color Transfer Techniques.
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Pictures on this webpage are released free of copyrights. Please cite our publications when using our code and pictures (bib).

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I0 = double(imread('scotland_house.png'))/255;	 % reference image
I1 = double(imread('scotland_plain.png'))/255;   % target palette
IR_idt = colour_transfer_IDT(I0, I1, 10);        % [Pitie07a,Pitie05a,Pitie05b]
IR_mkl = colour_transfer_MKL(I0, I1);     	   	 % [Pitie07b] in RGB space
IR_regrain = regrain(I0, IR_idt);     	   	     % [Pitie07a,Pitie05b]

Note that the IDT method uses random colour directions, hence results will differ from the results published here in result_IDT.png.

input ref input target
IDT Solution (10 iterations) IDT followed by regrain
Linear Monge-Kantorovitch solution in RGB space


Colour transfer algorithms for grading the colours of an image







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