Can the panels shown being customised as per component? #171

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I customised the theme in fractal.js because I only need to show few panels.
Is it possible to show only certain panels for some components and other panels for other components?
Asking this because I'm trying to find a workaround to something I don't see Fractal is offering at the moment.
I would like to show in the sidebar the compiled main.css file used for styling all the components. Don't think this is possible at the moment so I thought a solution could be to have a component with no HTML and just main.css and a config file. Because of this "weird" component I only need to show the Assets panel.
In general would nice to have the option to show assets in the sidebar.


@riccardoerra you can't currently customise the panels on a per-component basis I'm afraid :-(

Better support for displaying/downloading assets is very high on my list of things to add in though and some sort of sidebar asset listing is definitely on my radar.


@allmarkedup thanks anyway.
Found a workaround in the meantime: customising the Nunjucks templates with if/else conditions using the config file of the components.
Something like: if the component has the tag x then render only the panel x. Seems to work fine so far.
Sidebar asset listing would be great!

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