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Web based and self hosted DNSBL (or RBL) utilities:

  • Check: Web based real time check against quite a few (233 at this time) DNSBLs
  • API: In case you need a JSON response, use the API.

This can be used as free alternative to MXtoolbox's monitor.


  • Web server (Nginx/Apache)
  • PHP (tested with 5.5)
  • Bower, Grunt, JSHint, JSCS (in case you build from master)


Stable official release
  1. Click on GitHub releases.
  2. Download the latest version.
  3. Copy and rename the default config to config.php: cp config.example.php config.php
  4. Set your web servers document root to "public/"!
  5. Install PHP components using Composer:
    composer install
Development git master branch
  1. Make sure you've installed node and npm
  2. Clone this repository:
  3. Open cloned repository:
    cd dnsbl-webutils
  4. Install requirements and dependencies:
    npm install -g grunt-cli bower jshint jscs
    npm install
  5. Download web libraries:
    bower install
  6. Install PHP components:
    composer install
  7. Compile assets:
    grunt dev or grunt

Caution: When using the dev argument, Grunt won't minify your JS or CSS, so it's easier to debug. Once you run grunt (without the dev), the files are minified!

Pretty URLs / rewrites

The project contains a .htaccess file in case you run Apache with enabled AllowOverride. You can use the following rewrite directive for your server block configuration in case you run Nginx:

location / {
   try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;