Yeoman generator to quickly setup workspaces including Gulp, Bower and Twitter Bootstrap
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frdmn-bootstrap Build Status

Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a front-end web app using gulp for the build process


Please see our gulpfile for up to date information on what we support.

  • CSS Autoprefixing
  • LiveReload support on file changes
  • Uglify (minify) JavScript
  • Autoprefix to support last 2 versions of current browsers
  • Automagically compile Sass with libsass
  • Map compiled CSS to source stylesheets with source maps
  • Awesome image optimization
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.6 including example dashboard

For more information on what this generator can do for you, take a look at the gulp plugins used in our package.json.


Keep in mind that libsass is feature-wise not fully compatible with Ruby Sass. Check out this curated list of incompatibilities to find out which features are missing.

If your favorite feature is missing and you really need Ruby Sass, you can always switch to gulp-ruby-sass and update the styles task in gulpfile accordingly.

Getting Started

(Don't want to submit this probably redundant generator to the NPM registry, thats why we link it locally instead for now.)

  • Install dependencies: npm install --global yo gulp bower
  • Install the generator:
    git clone /usr/local/src/generator-frdmn-bootstrap
    cd /usr/local/src/generator-frdmn-bootstrap
    npm install
    npm link
  • Run yo frdmn-bootstrap to scaffold your webapp
  • Run gulp dev to preview and watch for changes
  • Run gulp to build your webapp for production
  • Run bower install --save <package> to install frontend dependencies