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Stripped down u-boot that only acts as a fastboot server for flashing i.mx508 Kindle devices


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This is a modified version of u-boot specifically used for installing onto 5th generation Kindle devices. It is based on the u-boot 2009.08 found in the 5.1.2 Kindle GPL release on the official Amazon GPL download page but it has been stripped down to only provide basic fastboot functionality while still fitting into the 72 kB of OCRAM available during early boot (before external RAM initialization).

This is based on a partial fastboot patch provided by Eureka on the mobileread forums.


Make sure you have the appropriate compiler and tools installed:

sudo apt install build-essential gcc-4.8-arm-linux-gnueabihf 

To compile:


The output file you want will be called u-boot.bin.


If you change anything, before recompiling do:


Precompiled binary

You can find a precompiled version under Releases.

Testing using USB loader

You can run this u-boot without flashing it onto your device.

Hold down the power button on the Kindle for 20 seconds. Note that the light next to the power button will turn off at 15 seconds. Now press and hold the magic button for USB download mode. For the Kindle 5th generation non-touch this is the down button on the five-way controller. Release the power button, wait one or more seconds, then release the down button.

Nothing will change on the screen nor will you see any output via the serial terminal but if you connect via USB and run lsusb you will see it show up as a Freescale device rather than the usual Amazon/Kindle device.

Now install the imx_usb_loader tool from Boundary Devices:

sudo apt install libusb-1.0-0-dev
git clone
cd imx_usb_loader/

Load the compiled u-boot.bin using:

sudo ./imx_usb ../path/to/u-boot.bin

If you have a serial console for your Kindle, you will now see output from u-boot as it initializes.

Using fastboot

Once this u-boot is loaded you can use a special version of the fastboot client made by yifanlu.

Download and compile:

git clone
cd fread-installer-fastboot/
make linux

Check that the fastboot client can talk to the fastboot server on the device:

sudo ./fastboot getvar serial

This should print the serial number of you Kindle.

Now you can flash a file onto a partition using:

sudo ./fastboot flash <partition> <filename>

Original readme

The original readme that shipped with this version of u-boot can be found in README.uboot




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None of these organizations are in any way affiliated with fread nor this git project nor any of the authors of this project and neither fread nor this git project is in any way endorsed by these corporations.


Stripped down u-boot that only acts as a fastboot server for flashing i.mx508 Kindle devices