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Commits on Mar 8, 2014
  1. Fixed #22034 -- Added a specific set of relation checks for GenericIn…

    Thanks to jwa for the report.
Commits on Mar 7, 2014
  1. @akaariai @mjtamlyn

    Fixed #21863 -- supplemented get_lookup() with get_transform()

    akaariai authored mjtamlyn committed
    Also fixed #22124 -- Expanded explanation of exactly what is going on in
    as_sql() methods.
  2. @beregond @timgraham
  3. @timgraham
Commits on Mar 6, 2014
  1. @JJinx @timgraham

    Fixed #22070 -- Changed verbose_name for apps in django.contrib to us…

    JJinx authored timgraham committed
    …e title case
    Thanks bendavis78 for the report.
  2. @andrewgodwin
  3. @andrewgodwin
  4. @andrewgodwin
  5. @andrewgodwin
  6. @loic @apollo13

    Reworked ErrorDict.as_json() to prevent unnecessary serialization/des…

    loic authored apollo13 committed
    …erialization step.
    Thanks @apollo13 for the suggestion. Refs #17413.
  7. @rogerhu @timgraham

    Fixed #22185 -- Added settings.CSRF_COOKIE_AGE

    rogerhu authored timgraham committed
    Thanks Paul McMillan for the review.
  8. @claudep

    Added --previous flag to msgmerge command used by makemessages

    claudep authored
    Also took the opportunity to slightly refactor gettext options
    so as to ease customization by subclassing the command.
    Thanks Michal Čihař for the report and initial patch.
Commits on Mar 5, 2014
  1. @bmispelon

    Fixed issues and added new scripts to urlify.js

    bmispelon authored
    Added the following scripts:
    * Lithuanian (thanks to petraszd for the patch)
    * Serbian (thanks to offy)
    * Azerbajani (thanks to Ali Ismayilov)
    Fixed the following issues:
    * In Polish character map, some uppercase letters were
      converted to a lowercase ascii equivalent.
    * The letter Y with a diaeresis had a lowercase version but no uppercase.
    The code was also simplified and cleaned up:
    * Use of `var` statements everywhere
    * Systematic use of semicolons
    * Proper looping over arrays and objects.
    Thanks to @oinopion for his help in getting the javascript
    into proper shape.
    Fixes #8561, #11035.
  2. @gabejackson @akaariai

    Fixed #22207 -- Added support for GenericRelation reverse lookups

    gabejackson authored akaariai committed
    GenericRelation now supports an optional related_query_name argument.
    Setting related_query_name adds a relation from the related object back to
    the content type for filtering, ordering and other query operations.
    Thanks to Loic Bistuer for spotting a couple of important issues in
    his review.
  3. @dfunckt @akaariai

    Fixed #14549 - Removed restriction of single FKs on intermediary tables

    dfunckt authored akaariai committed
    Thanks to Loic Bistuer for review. Minor changes to error messages
    done by committer.
  4. @qris @claudep

    Fixed #22206 -- Passed models.TextField.max_length to forms.CharField…

    qris authored claudep committed
  5. @claudep
  6. @bmispelon

    Fixed incorrect docstring in cache tests (take two)

    bmispelon authored
    3e25c8a was an incomplete
    merge of the pull request.
    Thanks to @ramast for catching this.
Commits on Mar 4, 2014
  1. @afuna @bmispelon

    Fixed #7571 -- Fixed parameter matching in include()'d urlpattern

    afuna authored bmispelon committed
    Fixed URL resolving in the case where an outer regex includes an inner
    regex and both regexes use positional parameters instead of named
    groups, causing the outer regex's parameters to override the inner
    Modified the regex url resolver so that it will concatenates and then
    normalizes, instead of normalizing and then concatenating.
  2. @alex
  3. @ramast @bmispelon

    Fixed incorrect docstring in cache tests

    ramast authored bmispelon committed
  4. @andrewgodwin

    Merge pull request #2396 from loic/ticket21893

    andrewgodwin authored
    Fixed #21893 -- ModelState didn't account for MTI parents inherited from abstract models.
  5. @loic
  6. @loic

    Added tests for MTI in RunPython.

    loic authored loic committed
  7. @zedr @bmispelon

    Fixed #22085 -- Added a feature for setting non-expiring keys as the …

    zedr authored bmispelon committed
    This feature allows the default `TIMEOUT` Cache argument to be set to `None`,
    so that cache instances can set a non-expiring key as the default,
    instead of using the default value of 5 minutes.
    Previously, this was possible only by passing `None` as an argument to
    the set() method of objects of type `BaseCache` (and subtypes).
  8. @qris @claudep

    Fixed spelling in model_forms test class names

    qris authored claudep committed
  9. @qris @claudep

    Fixed typo in internal CharField method

    qris authored claudep committed
Commits on Mar 3, 2014
  1. @tcsorrel @bmispelon

    Fixed #16727 -- Added protocol-relative URL support to contenttypes.v…

    tcsorrel authored bmispelon committed
  2. @loic @akaariai

    Allowed custom querysets when prefetching single valued relations

    loic authored akaariai committed
    The original patch for custom prefetches didn't allow usage of custom
    queryset for single valued relations (along ForeignKey or OneToOneKey).
    Allowing these enables calling performance oriented queryset methods like
    select_related or defer/only.
    Thanks @akaariai and @timgraham for the reviews. Refs #17001.
  3. @timgraham

    Fixed #21986 -- Added some guidelines for database indexes.

    Alex de Landgraaf authored timgraham committed
    Thanks django-issues at for the suggestion.
  4. @timgraham

    Fixed #21908 -- Added example usage for ModelAdmin.get_inline_instanc…

    timgraham authored
    Thanks matt at for the suggestion.
  5. @bmispelon
  6. @timgraham
  7. @rhcarvalho @timgraham

    Fixed some typos and formatting issues in docs.

    rhcarvalho authored timgraham committed
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