Use your fischertechnik TXT as local smart home device over the Web of Things
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Web of TXT

Basic mapping layer between a fischertechnik Robo TXT Controller and the Web of Things. Runs on the community firmware.

Adapted I/O

  • All inputs as either a button, resistor, ultrasonic, voltage, line follower or color sensor.
  • All actors as either motor or single lamp output
  • Counters as read-only numbers and a reset action
  • Playing a built-in sound via action
  • Input voltage
  • Reference voltage
  • TXT system temperature
  • Camera

Potential I/O

  • I2C sensors


Run ./ to generate a zip file that can then be installed on the TXT via web UI. This expects there to be a python 3 binary called python3 to download all necessary dependencies.


  • Inputs are refreshed approximately every second, this may lead to flicker on consumers (the official Mozilla gateway for example).
  • Stopping and re-starting the server may not behave properly and errors will not be surfaced.
  • Configuration of inputs and outputs is not persisted.