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Auto hosts talk shows on Twitch to create a radio channel of sorts.
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Auto hosts talk shows on Twitch to create a radio channel of sorts.

Currently running on

How it works

The service periodically checks for top streams in given categories. It prefers streams in the "Talk Show" category, and then falls back to "Music". Talk show streams are required to be in a certain language, currently configured to English.

the top stream is then hosted as long as it stays live. If it's a rebroadcast (identified by title details like containing "24/7" or by twitch status) or if it is in the ignore-livestate JSON for the current language, it will not stay hosted as long as it's live. Any more popular stream will superseed it.

The stream-schedule JSON for the current language forces some streams to be hosted if they are live in certain time frames. This allows for fixed programming of regular shows.


Client configuration is done via environment. The following variables are required:

  • CLIENT_ID: Twitch API Client ID to use
  • TOKEN: Twitch API token. Relies on having an old enough app to get a non-expiring token.
  • USERNAME: Username of the channel to host on

The data folder contains JSON files that are used to help decide what to host when.


Before running the service, you will want to install all dependencies with npm i --production and ensure the environment variables are set. After that you can start it with npm start (assuming the node executable is available as node).

If running with npm start does not work, try running index.js with node.js.


All the current tests are just JSON schema tests for the JSON files in data.

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