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A loader, that fetches the content of string files from Transifex. Requires configuration via .transifexrc and .tx/config in the same format as the official tx tool. The configuration files are searched from the directory the loaded file is in up to the system root.


npm install --save-dev transifex-loader


Add the loader before any other action in your webpack configuration for all your resources that are translated on Transifex. You can of course also use it in a require statement directly. The loader works as a kind of pre-processor for translations.

If the translation can be found on Transifex, it is downloaded and returned. If an error occurs (i.e. no internet connection) the local file is returned. When the remote translations are successfully loaded the loader by default writes the updated version to disk, replacing your local file. This can be disabled with the store option.

To match your local resources with the Transifex translations the loader uses the same configuration as the tx command line tool, specifically .transifexrc for credentials and .tx/config for resource informations.



You can disable writing the result from Transifex to the original file by setting this to false.


Disables reading the resource that is in the source language from the local file system and fetches it from Transifex, too.

Known incompatibilities (to tx)

  • Requires the project to be on but does not complain about it.
  • Ignores minimum_perc.