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Fetch the chatlog to a Twitch VOD from your command line with twitch-chatlog.


This little command can download the whole chat log to a twitch VOD. It takes the ID of the VOD (1111111 or similar) as only argument. To learn about the usage of the command, use twitch-chatlog -h.

The output can optionally be colored with -c or --color or by setting an environment variable TWITCH_CHATLOG_COLOR.

To make use of your own Twitch application client ID, you may provide it as a command line option -C or --client-id or set an environment variable TWITCH_CHATLOG_CLIENT_ID. The default value for client ID is not guaranteed to work past 08 Aug 2016, in which case you will have to supply your own.

To control the part of the chat log to fetch, --start, --length and --end can be used. See the usage section below. By default the command will only fetch the first ten minutes of chat log to minimize the amount of requests.


npm install -g twitch-chatlog


Fetch the chat log to a Twitch VOD.
Usage: twitch-chatlog <vod_id>

vod_id is the ID from the VOD URL, optionally prefixed with v (deprecated).

  -c, --color      Colorize output                    [boolean] [default: false]
  -C, --client-id  Twitch application client ID  [string] [default: (Client-ID)]
  -l, --length     Amount of time from the log to fetch in seconds. Gets
                   shortened to the VOD length if bigger. 0 loads everything but
                   is not recommended. The output will run until the next end of
                   a log fragment.                  [number] [default: (10 min)]
  -s, --start      Start time. Can either be a time relative to the VOD start or
                   actual time.                   [string] [default: "00:00:00"]
  -e, --end        End time. Alternative to specifying a length. A time like for
                   start.                                               [string]
  -r, --raw        Print the raw JSON output instead of a formatted chat log.
                                                      [boolean] [default: false]

  -h, --help       Show help                                           [boolean]
  -v, --version    Show version number                                 [boolean]

  twitch-chatlog 79240813                   Load the first ten minutes of chat
                                            for the VOD
  twitch-chatlog -c --end 00:15:00 79240813 Load the first 15 minutes of chat
                                            for the VOD and colorize the output.
  twitch-chatlog 79240813                   Load the chat log until the given
  --end=2016-07-20T20:37:44+0000            date.

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This program uses an unofficial Twitch API that may stop working at any point. It also potentially sends a lot of requests in quick succession, which might lead to Twitch taking measures against it and thus the program and/or your Twitch experience being reduced.