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This is a repository containing the adapter and required roles to setup a Seafile server, either from scratch or using existing data.

To find out how to install freckles or use inaugurate to transparently install both freckles and Seafile in one go, check out: freckles bootstrap / install


Currently only tested on Debian Stretch, might well work on other Debian-based distributions. Supporting others would be easy as well, but I don't have the time. Pull requests welcome.

Issues / Todos

  • doesn't use a sql dump, just /var/lib/mysql for backup, which might be a problem when restoring from a different OS/Mysql version (this could be easily changed though)
  • https cert request only works if dns is configured already (nothing that can be done to automate that)
  • only tested on Debian Stretch so far (should be easy to make it work for other Distributions/Versions though)

How to use

Simple local install

To quickly setup a new Seafile server on your local machine, using the sqlite backend, the only command you need is:

bash <(curl freckelize -pw true -r frkl:seafile -f blueprint:seafile_sqlite -t /var/lib/freckles

# or, with 'freckles' already installed:

freckelize -r frkl:seafile -f blueprint:seafile_sqlite -t /var/lib/freckles

This will ask you a few details about your setup, which you can all keep at their defaults if you want. To check whether Seafile was installed successfully, visit '' in a browser, and use the username 'admin@localhost.home' (if you didn't change it) and password 'change_me'.

Now change the password from 'change_me' to something proper!

More involved setups

I've written a blog post about how to use this adapter for more involved setups. Check it out here.


All the important data will live somewhere under /var/lib/freckles/<your_folder_name> which you can easily backup.

If you wanted to restore a vanilla server using such a backup, all you needed to do was put the data on the server (preferably to the same path), and run:

freckelize -r frkl:seafile -f /var/lib/freckles/<folder_name>>