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(in-package :clipmunk.bindings)
(cl:defmacro defanonenum (&body enums)
"Converts anonymous enums to defconstants."
`(cl:progn ,@(cl:loop for value in enums
for index = 0 then (cl:1+ index)
when (cl:listp value) do (cl:setf index (cl:second value)
value (cl:first value))
collect `(cl:defconstant ,value ,index))))
(cl:eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel)
(cl:unless (cl:fboundp 'chipmunk-lispify)
(cl:defun chipmunk-lispify (name flag cl:&optional (package cl:*package*))
(cl:labels ((helper (lst last rest cl:&aux (c (cl:car lst)))
((cl:null lst)
((cl:upper-case-p c)
(helper (cl:cdr lst) 'upper
(cl:case last
((lower digit) (cl:list* c #\- rest))
(cl:t (cl:cons c rest)))))
((cl:lower-case-p c)
(helper (cl:cdr lst) 'lower (cl:cons (cl:char-upcase c) rest)))
((cl:digit-char-p c)
(helper (cl:cdr lst) 'digit
(cl:case last
((upper lower) (cl:list* c #\- rest))
(cl:t (cl:cons c rest)))))
((cl:char-equal c #\_)
(helper (cl:cdr lst) '_ (cl:cons #\- rest)))
(cl:error "Invalid character: ~A" c))))
(strip-prefix (prf str)
(let ((l (length prf)))
(if (and (> (length str) l) (string= prf (subseq str 0 l)))
(subseq str l)
(cl:let ((fix (cl:case flag
((constant enumvalue) "+")
(variable "*")
(cl:t ""))))
(cl:nreverse (helper (cl:concatenate 'cl:list (strip-prefix "cp" name)) cl:nil cl:nil))
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