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To install TeXZilla, you can download a release package that contains the Javascript files to be used from a Web page, a commonJS program or the command line. You can also do npm install texzilla to install the Node Packaged Module.

Note that TeXZilla-min.js is relatively big (~410kb) so it is recommended to use HTTP compression so that it is smaller (~70kb) and thus served faster. This is enabled by default on most Web sites, including GitHub gh-pages.

If you want to use the latest development version, you can just link to http://fred-wang.github.io/TeXZilla/TeXZilla-min.js or build the program from the GitHub repository. See the build instructions.

Using TeXZilla

Public API

Advanced Usages

Applications and Web pages using TeXZilla

TeXZilla syntax

TeXZilla uses a context-free grammar based on the one of itex2MML, which itself inspired from AMS LaTeX. The lexical analysis is also based in itex2MML as well as on the W3C's unicode.xml file. See the TeXZilla commands for more details.