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# Author - Fred Bainbridge
# Originally Published 5/31/2016
# Usage Examples
# Use the defaut parameters in the script (update as needed)
# Get-Office2016MSPFromCab -UpdateDP $true -siteCode "LAB" -siteserver ""
# Use explicit parameters, do not update the Distribution Points
# Get-Office2016MSPFromCab -SoftwareUpdatesFolder "\\cm01\SoftwareUpdates\Office2016x86Updates" -baseDestination "c:\fso1" -OfficeUpdatesFolder "\\cm01\Source\Microsoft Office 2016 x86\updates"
# This assumes you have used ConfigMgr to download all the relevant Office 2016 patches and downloaded them to $SoftwareUpdatesFolder
#special thanks to
Function ConvertFrom-Cab
$cab = "C:\fso\",
$comObject = "Shell.Application"
Write-Verbose "Creating $comObject"
$shell = New-Object -Comobject $comObject
if(!$?) { $(Throw "unable to create $comObject object")}
Write-Verbose "Creating source cab object for $cab"
$sourceCab = $shell.Namespace("$cab").items()
Write-Verbose "Creating destination folder object for $destination"
if(-not (Test-Path $destination))
new-item $destination -ItemType Directory
$DestinationFolder = $shell.Namespace($destination)
Write-Verbose "Expanding $cab to $destination"
Function Get-Office2016MSPFromCab {
param (
$SoftwareUpdatesFolder = "\\cm01\Software Update Management\Microsoft Office 2016 x86 - Software Updates\",
$baseDestination = "C:\fso1",
$OfficeUpdatesFolder = "\\cm01\Source\Microsoft Office 2016 x86\updates",
[bool]$UpdateDP = $false,
$siteCode = "LAB",
$siteserver = "",
$appname = "Microsoft Office 2016 x86"
if(-not (test-path $baseDestination))
new-item $baseDestination -ItemType Directory
#get all the cab files and copy them locally
write-host $SoftwareUpdatesFolder
Get-ChildItem -Path $SoftwareUpdatesFolder -Filter *.cab -Recurse | ForEach-Object {
$GUID = (new-guid).Guid
$destination = "$baseDestination\$GUID"
Write-host $destination
ConvertFrom-Cab -cab $PSItem.FullName -destination $destination -Verbose
#rename and prepare the files for copy
Get-ChildItem -path $baseDestination -Filter *.msp -Recurse | ForEach-Object {
Rename-Item -Path $PSItem.FullName -NewName ($PSItem.BaseName + (New-Guid).GUID + ".msp")
Get-ChildItem -Path $baseDestination -Filter *.msp -Recurse | Move-Item -Destination $baseDestination
#move the cabs to the Office Updates folder
Get-ChildItem -Path $baseDestination -Filter *.msp | move-item -Destination $OffiCeUpdatesFolder -Verbose
Get-ChildItem -Path $baseDestination | Remove-Item -Recurse -Force -Verbose
#Update the content
(Get-Wmiobject -Namespace "root\SMS\Site_$sitecode" -Class SMS_ContentPackage -filter "Name='$appName'").Commit()