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Makes is possible to surround contents with <span lang> elements with CKEditor.
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CKEditor Languages Plugin

This plugin makes is possible to surround contents with <span lang> elements. This is an important requirement for accessibility purposes.


  1. Create a folder named "plugins/languages" into your CKEditor installation.
  2. In the CKEditor configuration file (config.js) add the following code:

    config.extraPlugins = 'languages';
    // The languages you want to support (code:name).
    config.languages = [ 'fr:French', 'es:Spanish', 'it:Italian' ];
  3. Add the "Languages" item to your toolbar.

It's also recommended to append some style to <span lang> elements, so users will be able to notice text with language. For that, you may add something like the following to contents.css:

   font-style: italic;


Licensed under the terms of any of the following licenses at your choice: GPL, LGPL and MPL.

See for more information.

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