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FS1.0 FastSecurity

​ Our mission was to build a page for the company Saab [fake] and its future flying car. The group consisted of Digital designers, Web developers, and Computer graphic designers ​

live preview:

Goals and mission

  • Mobile first
  • Landing page
  • Assorted images of the vehicle
  • Merchandise
  • A downloadable product folder
  • Be able to sign up for the newsletter
  • Contact information
  • Company information
  • Be able to change language
  • Header
  • Footer

The Team:

Web Developers

Fredrik Leemann, Sofia García (Webpage)

Digital Designers

Dennis Lind, Eric Ellersten (Design and PDF)

Computer Graphic Designers

Frida Staffansson, Viktor Larsson (Pictures)

How to use?

You need a server in order to run the software for example MAMP Download this repository as a zip-file and extract it anywere on your computer...
Change the root of your webserver and point it to the directory fastsecurity, start the webserver and visit the page in your browser.

Download: Click this link to download this project as a zip-file

Built with

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • JS
  • HTML ​


​ This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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